Window washing

Window Washing

Windows dirty, grimy, or have paint on them? Tired of cleaning them yourself? Can’t reach those high windows? Let Home Guard do the work for you. 

Using a three stage reverse osmosis and deionization wash system we use a single step process, with no harsh chemicals or detergents, to make servicing quick with minimal risk of damage to your property or landscaping. We pride ourselves in using advanced, eco-friendly, and effective technology backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We assure you the best and most efficient service that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our equipment is powerful enough to deliver pure water to two waterfed poles, so that multiple operators can clean at the same time and provides enough power for a steady supply of water up to 80 vertical feet. This process is ideal for a range of applications where access is limited, including courtyards, rooftop, and atrium cleaning.

With HomeGuard;

  • Every technician is professionally trained and easily identifiable.
  • We can maintain your property on a set schedule, with multiple services offered year round.
  • Eco-friendly, Elemental Protection
  • Premium services at competitive rates.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Free estimates 

Residential Window Cleaning

We know that cleaning your windows can be a hassle and time consuming. Our highly-trained Home Guard technicians are equipped with the best methods and top of the line equipment to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you. So say goodbye to streaks, paint marks and hard to remove residues!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Whatever your business may be, you won’t need to call us every time your windows are dirty. Home Guard offers a customized window cleaning schedule that meets your needs, and your budget. We accurately keep track of your schedule and our technicians will show up on time to fit your individual needs. Your windows will be spotless, ensuring a professional appearance in no time.

We also offer cleaning for interior windows, window seals, window tracks, screens, and paint removal with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call us at (907) 34-GUARD now! Get rid of dirt, grime and difficult paint marks. Let us clean and protect your property, and the environment.

Gutter Cleaning

Commercial or Residential, no job too big or too small. Home Guard’s advanced equipment, highly trained technicians and quality control measures ensure.